dirt to dust


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released November 2, 2015



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DIRT TO DUST Nancy, France

Formé en juillet: septembre 2014 sur les cendres de dirty sluts, DIRT TO DUST, toujours en trio à trois chants,s'enferme, travaille ses compos, les confonte au live et enregistre 11 morceaux, dont les trois extraits de l'album 9 titres qui vient de sortir en version vinyl et cd.
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Track Name: faster to disaster
we got the strength, we got the power. we gonna make ti right! faster to disaster, not even the time to feel the fright.
we don't need no one, the work will be done!
Track Name: save'n'destroy
knights of night are on their way- blackening your fate away- bringing sorrow and crawling fear-it seems that hope could disappear.
( get rid off your fear)
soldiers of wisdom tear the darkness in an outburst of goodness by fighting against evil- they got the truth, they got control.
why don't you applause when we drop bombs and death around?
fighting hard with dismay just like a date with doomsday.
Track Name: fed by machines
fed by machines sucking wires- from a womb made of tin, cold desires..
(submitted to the machine law!) we'll show you the way you'd better search ( enter to the new realm) don't miss a day at the electronic church (and you shall face your self esteem) ...
Track Name: la place du mort
Assis tout petit à l'arrière sur la banquette, c'est la place que tu envies, c'est la place que tu guettes, juste avant d'accéder à celle du conducteur, à 12 ans la place du mort ne te fais pas peur. Parcequ'il paraît que la mort n'existe même pas à l'age ou on l'on joue toujours au petit soldat, combien, pourtant, se font fait tuer au combat, sous un casque, dans un uniforme trop grand pour toi....
Track Name: speed rabbit
speed rabbit wants to smoke and wants some dope- bad habbits! speed rabbit runs down the hills and wants some pills ....
rats, rabbists, mice and monkeys, please set them free from that human disease: dope agony...
Track Name: the venom
An unsad will of submission meets a fierce opposition... Life spoiler-spine grinder.... Daily prowler in my neighborhood dry snakes floating in my food they try to bite me my blood is poison(ed).... Don't try you won't annihilate don't mind I will cancel hate.... Vypers' tongue licking my tears rattlesnakes shaking at my ears inject your poison I am the venom....Life spoiler-spine grinder he's on your back like a hunter attack.... dreaming of mermaids for me demons for you!
Track Name: adtittude
positve attitude soft values we change like the trends like the seasons- feed the dreams with the tunes that reduces the distance between you and heaven/ these words for ever it's always the same prayer/posistive..../ the melody of pleasure gives you the buy fever/BUY/ possessed by possession sugar free addiction/ obey to the master the great ads designer. don't need no teacher but abrain driller!
Track Name: space nazis
biggest nazi big brains esacaped in U.S labs to turn war missiles into rockets - from blitzkrieg qtraight to stars war between the stars of your flag hides svastiks - together to beat the commies - your skills are welcome in the land of freedom, use the good tools when money rules - youyr heroes were powered by evil? let's bury the past like dead people-
nazis instead of monkeys in a shuttle a one way ticket - a free fee right to nowhere ina roKKKet - space nazis.
Track Name: save and destroy (lefuneste remix)
à aller chercher dans les autres morceaux: save...., fed by ...